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kspangler@midwestfab.com - (5/31/2023 3:35:40 PM)
Mouse assignment and icons
I'm having a weird issue(s?) on my home computer (laptop) in that I copied all of my settings over from my work PC but things just aren't the same.
First off, I can go into Tools>Customize Interface and assign Conversation Bar commands to my extra mouse keys (specifically the OK and Back commands to the Browser Forward and Back keys) and it's all good and working, until I shut down or even just close KeyCreator and re-open it... I then have to go back in and reassign the keys to the mouse again. Something is not sticking.
Also, many of my Tools>Customize Interface>Immed(iate) Macros have icons assigned to them but in my KeyCreator interface these just show up as the error icons (red circles with x's in them) even though I have verified that everything is set up just as it is on my work PC; same icons, names, locations, etc.. The icons even show up in the Tools>Customize Interface>Immed Macro window correctly but do not show up in my KeyCreator Workspace..
Any thoughts?