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KeyCreator Essentials On Demand Class

KeyCreator Essentials On Demand Class
KeyCreator Essentials On Demand Class
KeyCreator Essentials Self-Paced Training is comprised of 28 pre-recorded video lessons that provide a complete overview on how to create and/or edit native or imported CAD data.  The available videos can be viewed at your convenience.
Topics range from 2D construction through 3D solid modeling and modification of solid models.  The video lessons and suggested exercises will give you a strong base on which to build your mastery of Direct CAD 3D and 2D modeling techniques. The video-based course also places special emphasis on customizing the software to maximize your productivity.

Watch the Introduction and lesson on Basic 2D Construction for free now!

KeyCreator Essentials Lessons
  1. Introduction- Design Flow in KeyCreator- The power of Direct Geometry Modeling
  2. Basic 2D Construction- Positioning entities, Creating, Trimming
  3. Traditional Xform Basics- preview of Dynamic Xform
  4. The Status Bar, Toolbars, Custom Workspaces, Working with Hot Keys
  5. Template Files, Display Configurations, Graphics Card Settings, CPlane Display Options
  6. Detailing basics, dimensions, notes, labels, generic edit, generic move
  7. Field Notes, Auto Dimensions, Coordinate Dimensions, Autolabel, Text to Geoemtry
  8. The Toggle Splitter, Level management, Copying and Pasting
  9. File Saving, Importing, Exporting, Batch Translator, PDF and STL Export
  10. Intro to Solid Modelinng, using primiitives, class 1 & 2 Extrusions
  11. Construction Planes, Common Plane Extrusions,Manifold Parts, Molded Parts
  12. Revolve, Sweep, Quick Chain Selection, Constraining to Construction Planes
  13. Helix, Springs, Swept Manifolds, Threaded Sensors, Modeling Internal Threads
  14. Molded parts, adding a shutoff area, adding s Rib & Boss, Pruning a Rib & Boss, Modeling a casting
  15. Traditional Solid Modification Tools, Extrude Face, Offset Face, Transform Face
  16. Taper Face, Offset Solid, Remove Feature, Edit Blend, Suppress
  17. Edit Hole, Virtual Tools, Virtual Drills, recap of flange modifications
  18. Layout toggle, instances,project instances, generic edit, generic move, detail callout, move instance
  19. Sections, model mode entities in layout, cutting sections in Layouts
  20. Flat developments in Layout, level management of assys in layout, handling explosiolns, quick open
  21. Reverse Iso View, Principal View, Revision Control, Reassociation of Dimensions
  22. Sheet Metal Toolbar, Online Calculator, Rips, Bends, Flanges, Reliefs, Thin Plate Bends, Transitiojns
  23. Linear patterns, Prune & Graft, Circular Patterns, Axial & radial Cylindrical Patterns
  24. Dynamic Face Tool, Xform vs Offset, Handling Slots, Rotating Faces, Build of a Barrier Strip.
  25. Dimension Driven Editing, Edge Dimensions versus Face to face, Angles, Diameters, Using the DDE Tree
  26. Xform Dynamic, Combined Moves, Align to Plane, Copy-Paste, Along, AlongN, Dynamic Array Options
  27. Face Colors, HLR Overlays, Environmental mapping, Transparencies, Texture mapping, Cutting Plane
  28. Fastener Objects, Mechanical Objects, Features, WP Shapes, Preview of advanced topics

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