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Kubotek Spectrum CADKEY

Kubotek Spectrum CADKEY
Kubotek Spectrum CADKEY
Kubotek Spectrum CADKEY is a low cost, professional-grade viewer software for reviewing 3D models and drawings from the latest versions of CADKEY and KeyCreator design software. A simple Windows interface can be easily used by manufacturing, sales, support, and service departments without having to learn or install a full-featured CAD system. Kubotek Spectrum CADKEY fully supports view manipulation, printing, 3D shading, measurement (distance, area and volume), and publishing HOOPS-enabled HTML files but will not overwrite the original file.
With Kubotek Spectrum CADKEY, product designers can collaborate more effectively with everyone involved in product development. Job shops and manufacturing companies can use the fast and reliable tools to ascertain the size and volume of a vendor's model for quoting purposes.
Kubotek Spectrum supports KeyCreator CKD and legacy CADKEY PRT files.



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