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Kubotek Validation Tool - CAD Data Validation

Geometry Based CAD Data Validation for Superior Accuracy
Kubotek Validation Tool provides a mathematical comparison between two similar or different CAD models to ensure data integrity is maintained during a translation or data migration process.

Used for applications like:
  • Detecting Translation Changes as CAD data is passed from one CAD system to another
  • Detecting Design Changes
  • Validation for Long Term Archiving of CAD data
  • Validation for CAD Model Migration 

Kubotek Validation Tool will ensure that two CAD models, regardless of file type, are truly geometrically identical. 

Our Pattern Recognition technology looks at the surface pattern on one model, and then looks for a match on the other model.  If a match is not found, Validation Tool will visually zero in on each difference where you can use a  full set of repair tools. Or, use the simple pass/fail reporting for quick diagnostics.

You can customize your use of Validation Tool with its powerful reporting options, as well as digitally certify compliance with criteria that you set, including Boeing D6-51991 “Quality Assurance Standard for Digital Product Definition.”

When you rely on 3D data for the sharing and distribution of product information  and manufacture, using a CAD data validation tool like Kubotek Validation Tool will help you prevent costly errors from unintentional edits or translation errors. Trust your designs, increase efficiency and save time over tedious manual review of CAD models.

What will Kubotek Validation Tool do for you?

Mathematically certify translated CAD documents

Validation Tool utilizes Kubotek proprietary Pattern Matching technology to mathematically compare two disparate CAD documents of similar or different formats to identify ALL differences between the data sets resulting from a translation process.

Multi-CAD Support

Validation Tool supports most native CAD formats and works directly with the native CAD file. By reading the native files directly, Validation Tool provides the ability to compare product data sets of differing CAD formats. This allows companies to mix both internally and externally provided data sets to identify the differences resulting from the translation process.

Automatically Creates Industry standard CAD Data Validation reports

Kubotek Validation Tool automatically creates Boeing D6-51991 data certification documentation upon completion of the validation process. The report format can be saved in electronic form or printed as required to meet corporate standards. Automatically create industry standard data certification reports.

Identify errors to Model Based Definition (MBD) or Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) contained in the 3D model.

The proliferation of MBD and PMI based processes has raised a new set of challenges to discrete manufacturing companies. The 3D data set now contains all dimensional, tolerance and marking information required to manufacture the component. Validation Tool provides the technology necessary to compare this information and identify all changes resulting from a data migration or translation. By comparing both the 3D and MBD information, Validation Tool ensures any errors are identified and documented to ensure your organization complies with customer or internal requirements

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