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Kubotek software is used throughout the aerospace supply chain.
Kubotek's technology solutions are used throughout the Aerospace supply chain, deployed to major aerospace OEM’s and to hundreds of aerospace suppliers.   Our customers effectively manage design changes in the tier supplier market, as well as complete reverse engineering or part redesign. 

Kubotek Comparison Suite is the only geometry-based technology which provides superior accuracy for comparison and validation of CAD part & assembly data. 

Use Validation Tool to meet Boeing D6-51991 requirements or to provide validation for Long Term Achiving of CAD data or to ensure successful migration of data from your PLM/CAD system. 

Meet the challenges of the engineering change order process like Parker Hannifin with ECO Manager.  Detect, document and/or communicate design changes with automated reporting features.

KeyCreator Direct CAD is an excellent choice for  the design and manufacture of components, complex parts and assemblies, or to graphically communicate maintenance and repair instructions completely and accurately.   Use KeyCreator for 2 and 3 axis CNC machining with the Machinist add-on, or get economical graphical change detection with KeyCreator Compare.

Case Studies

Aero Tec Builds Better Fuel Tank with KeyCreator Direct CAD
Aero Tec uses KeyCreator Direct CAD to make standard bladder tanks and custom designs for high-end customers such as NASCAR, Ferrari, Boeing, Lockheed, NASA, and the U.S. military.

Techniform uses KeyCreator for more efficient engineering and design work
Techniform Inc. provides metal shaping and stretching solutions for aerospace,architectural, automotive, and industrial markets with the help of KeyCreator Direct CAD.

Alto Aviation uses KeyCreator to build high-end aircraft audio equipment
Alto Aviation uses KeyCreator direct modeling and its high-fidelity translators to build aircraft audio equipment.

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