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KeyCreator Direct CAD

The Most Complete Direct CAD software
From the Circus to a Toy Aisle Near You

KeyCreator Direct CAD is the choice for designers, manufacturers, and analysts that want a flexible fast way to create, change, analyze or communicate a mechanical part or design.

What does KeyCreator Direct CAD do?

  • Quickly produce 3D design concepts  – there are no constraints
  • Modify nearly any geometry as if sculpting in clay
  • Easily add fillets, Boolean additional shapes, cut holes
  • Never experience rebuilding errors.  You create geometry in real time
  • Add precision to your design with sophisticated modeling tools
  • Import CAD models from other software packages and make edits directly to the geometry
  • Export CAD files in multiple formats
  • Produce drawings to communicate your design or manufacturing instructions
  • Animate your model to explain its form and function
  • Create a Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Compare CAD models to identify and organize IS/WAS design changes and communicate findings via automated PDF reporting (Learn more about KeyCreator Compare)
  • Go paperless using the Spectrum Viewer
  • Machine your CAD model with KeyCreator Machinist
  • Edit your design and the NC file automatically updates
What else can KeyCreator do for your?  Read what others have to say about KeyCreator Direct CAD!

Master your geometry with Kubotek KeyCreator – the most complete Direct CAD package.

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