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ECO Manager - CAD Comparison Software

Graphically Discover, Manage and Communicate CAD changes
ECO Manager automates design change communication
ECO Manager graphically documents CAD changes between revisions providing clear communication of  the impact of change throughout the organization. This graphical reporting reduces costs and increases the efficiency of any organization by reducing labor hours and improving decision making of the entire team.

What does ECO Manager do?

Mathematically identify product data revisions.
ECO Manager uses Kubotek's pattern matching technology to
compare two revisions of product data to identify all differences between the data sets. This process provides the most accurate and fastest method to compare product data sets.

Compare Multiple CAD formats
ECO Manager reads most native CAD formats and works directly with the native CAD file to eliminate data translations. By reading the native files directly, ECO Manager provides the ability to compare product data sets of differing CAD formats. Companies can mix both internally and externally provided data sets to identify the differences.

Use your Corporate Standard to Organize Product Data Revisions
ECO Manager has a full suite of organizational tools to ensure all revisions are structured and communicated based on corporate standards.  The familiar and simple user interface allows for a quick implementation with your organization.

Identify revisions to Model Based Definition (MBD) or Product
Manufacturing Information (PMI) Contained in the 3D Model.

CAD files often contains all dimensional, tolerance and marking information required to manufacture the product.  Revisions to tolerances and markings, which have no effect on the 3D data, can have tremendous impact on product costs and tooling requirements. ECO Manager quickly and easily compares this information and identifies all revisions.

Create Printed or Electronic Graphical Change Reports
ECO Manager has several reporting options for communicating revisions. The ECO Data Model can be stored on corporate servers or PDM/PLM systems. And users can create graphical change reports in PowerPoint or PDF format.

Modernize Design Change Communication White Paper

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