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KeyMarkUp CAD Viewer

View, Mark Up and Share CAD files - No CAD software needed!
Quickly view and dissect models for easy communication
Sales quotes quicker winning more business.

Marketing personnel can view and print product images to create brochures or to create online content.

Engineers can collaborate, brainstorm, and discuss revisions without the need to mess with complicated CAD programs.

Manufacturing can view CAD models on the shop floor to eliminate or reduce the need for drawings. Manufacturing engineers can suggest possible efficiencies in manufacturing.

What can KeyMarkUp do for you?

  • View virtually all popular CAD formats with a simple-to-use and intuitive interface
  • Open very large files very quickly for simple viewing
  • Analyze and verify all data inside imported CAD files for quoting, estimating or confirming engineering changes
  • Create simple cross sections of complex parts or assemblies and perform measurements, assess for collision or other geometry checks – using a dynamic, fast, and easy to use section tool. Even create multiple sections for superior viewing and to show unseen areas of designs
  • Use sophisticated dimensions and other annotations such as notes and labels to share information and to highlight areas of change
  • Position dimensions, notes and labels with user defined coordinate systems
  • Redo/Undo functions allow you to rapidly change or fix errors during the mark-up process
  • Export images in JPEG and other image formats for a simple way to communicate and collaborate via email or other data sharing methods
  • Calculate mass properties, area, volume, angles, projected areas, draft analysis and thickness using extensive measurement tools

  • Move and align parts in an assembly context for better viewing using the powerful dynamic transform tool
  • Print professional grade images by using the power of KeyMarkUp’s print manager

  • Write to PDF for easy  communication and distribution

  • Publish to the web

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