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What People Are Saying About KeyCreator Direct CAD

Comments straight from KeyCreator customers and Direct CAD advocates
Sunray designed by Van Dam Custom Boats using KeyCreator Direct CAD The latest project by Van Dam Custom Boats is Sunray, designed using KeyCreator Direct CAD.

Michel Berryer, Van Dam Custom Boats, Boyne City, MI 

I've used KeyCreator exclusively to design custom, one-off, ultra high-end yachts and small craft of all sorts.  KeyCreator, not encumbered by time-crippling parametric constraints, allows me to quickly sculpt, model and render my designs and get them in front of clients.  The inevitable changes and design revisions made along the way are accomplished easily and efficiently.  From the initial “sketches” through to the shop details, KeyCreator offers me all the tools, flexibility and speed I need to design beautiful boats and communicate with the outside world for everything that makes them work.


Steve Burk, Industrial Precision Inc., Westfield, MA

IPI recently took on two development parts for a high profile project for a major hydraulic system manufacturer.  We were able to utilize KeyCreator to use the customer’s models for rapid processing of these parts.  The project was even more challenging because the blueprints for the parts contained no positional information – only size and attribute data.  We use KeyCreator for all model checking, fixture design, form tool design, data mining, in-process models and operation sheets to produce both parts exactly to the models within eight weeks.

John Fusi, JCF Research Associates, Inc., Madison, NJ

When design intent changes, forcing significant changes to geometry (as opposed to just simple dimensional changes),it is quite often faster to just throw out old files and start from scratch when using a parametric-based CAD program. The pure geometry approach to KeyCreator Direct CAD totally eliminates this need.  Changes, no matter how complex, are not only possibly, but are typically quite simple. For 3D CAD solid and surface modeling needs such as ours, KeyCreator is not only my strongest recommendation, it is my only recommendation.

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Danny Dudzik, JD Tool & Engineering, Inc., Clinton, AR

We work with many different customers who send us all types of CAD file formats.  KeyCreator lets me work with any CAD file, plus, I can supply my customers with the formats they need.   With KeyCreator, I can do all of this without having to maintain a bunch of different CAD packages.

Hans Winkler, Jennica Mold Design, Clever, MO

KeyCreator’s 3D Direct Modeling capabilities make it possible to work the way I want without having to worry about how the model was created the order in which features are defined.  I can work directly with any geometry and it’s so much faster.

Ricardo Rodriguez, Techflow Design & Manufacturing, Mississauga, ON

Many years ago, I started using KeyCreator's father, CADKEY--the first CAD with solid capabilities.  As time went on, I decided to see what else was out there, so I bought (and still legally own) an seat of SolidWorks.  I found it too difficult to learn; CADKEY is far superior and KeyCreator is light years ahead of Cadkey.  You do the math.

Anonymous KeyCreator Advocate

The beauty of KeyCreator is that it is a program you can learn on your own, without expensive training. It is logical and intuitive, and at a price that is much less than other programs. Having experienced other CAD programs that are sketch based with a history tree, along with mates, they are very frustrating to use. I believe KeyCreator is the best conceptual design software on the market - and a great value.

Stephen Bennett, Consultant and U.S. Army (Retired), Colorado Springs, CO

KeyCreator a powerful CAD package that is very easy to use, especially if you are used to building solids using basic Boolean operations. KeyCreator is much more intuitive to use when trying to design rapid prototype systems.  The dynamic editing features for solids allows geometry to be quickly modified vs. having to dig into a history tree and figure out which sketch on which plane defines a particular geometry. For any consulting work, I would always choose KeyCreator to make the first models.  And with the translators available in KeyCreator, I can migrate the models to nearly every CAD system that currently exists.

Francis Marcoux, Ipex, Inc., St-Jacques, QC

Keycreator allows me to easily mix wireframe, surfaces and solids, or  convert 2D drawings to 3D model that can be edited or exported with no problem. KeyCreator is very useful to create cores and cavities from 3D models to evaluate injection mold functionality much quicker than any CAD software. Plus, KeyCreator’s Face Logic Technology allows me to edit solids very quickly. I can import, edit, defeature and export files in minutes, not hours. I also work with suppliers all around the world. The translators found in KeyCreator allow me to open a wide variety of file formats. KeyCreator succeeds where other CAD software have failed to open files.

Joe Spzak, Spzak Manufacturing Company, Columbia Station, OH

With KeyCreator, I have not yet run into a situation where I could not open a customer's file or send them back a file that they could not open. This is a huge advantage for me due the fact I work with so many different file formats from so many different customers.

Alfred Erpel, Compucraft Fabricators, Inc., Montgomeryville, PA

Speaking as a person who has used both AutoCad and SolidWorks,  it is much easier to create sophisticated assemblies, as well as simple models in KeyCreator.  A person familiar with using other CAD software can learn how to use Keycreator to do meaningful work on their own in less than an hour.  The solids clean/heal/repair utilities are particularly useful in our environment since often we are supplied sloppy solids created by others.  We have found the best thing to do is to use KeyCreator’s repair utilities on supplied CAD data before doing anything else with it.

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