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KeyCreator Analysis - Multi-Physics CAD Analysis

Simple, Fast and Accurate Results
KeyCreator Analysis Multiphysics Finite Element Analysis
Use KeyCreator Analysis in the initial design phase to save design cycle time and reduce prototype costs.

What does KeyCreator Analysis do?
  • Produce simple linear analysis or complete multi-physics simulation depending on your needs or skill level.  Multiple levels of Analysis packages are avaible to match your analysis needs.
  • Easily prepare CAD models for analysis through removal of unecessary feautures, without the need to become a CAD operator.
  • Optimizing your designs quickly  because you can both edit geometry and analyze your results all in the same user interface. 
  • Save time: your CAD and analysis files are all  in one software package, no need to import/and export your models and from one software package to another. Re-rerun simulations after making CAD changes easily and quickly.
  • Shave hours off setup time with advanced automeshing technology.
  • Analyze large and complex models in record times breakthrough Sefea algorithms that allow using less dense meshes.

 KeyCreator Analysis an easy to use, accurate, fast, combination CAD/Simulation solution.

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