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CADKEY was launched in 1984 as the first CAD system with 3D design capabilities which ran on personal computers. In the 1990s CADKEY became the premier 2D/3D mechanical CAD program, winning several major industry awards. CADKEY PRT files proliferated throughout manufacturing industries across the globe.  

In 2004, the next generation CADKEY program based on the new CKD file format was acquired by Kubotek Corporation and renamed KeyCreator. Today KeyCreator Direct CAD remains the only modern CAD software that can reliably read, edit, and convert all the information stored by CADKEY in the original PRT file format.

In the tradition of CADKEY, KeyCreator Direct CAD creates and edits geometry regardless of the order, origin or method of creation of the geometry. KeyCreator Direct CAD also continues to provide legacy interface options, such as the original function-key driven menus, to help CADKEY users through the learning curve. Request a free trial of KeyCreator software by clicking here.

If you simply have CADKEY PRT files that you need to view, you can purchase Spectrum CADKEY viewer software on the Kubotek webstore.  

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