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The Official CADKEY page
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Welcome to the official CADKEY page and website.

CADKEY was the premier 2D CAD Software system in the 1990’s. It was also the first 3D CAD system to run on a Personal Computer.

In 2003, CADKEY was renamed KeyCreator Direct CAD and is the only CAD software that can reliably read, edit and convert all the information contained in CADKEY files. Today, KeyCreator is known for inventing 3D Direct Modeling: history-free modeling for design, engineering and manufacturing professionals. KeyCreator 3D Direct CAD allows for creation and editing of geometry without regard to the order, origin or method of creation of the geometry. KeyCreator’s easy to use CAD software technology uses 3D, wireframe, 2D and surface technology in a single workspace to create read and edit geometry created in nearly all of the most popular CAD programs and standard formats.

If you have a CADKEY file that you would like to view Click here to obtain a free viewer.

Request a free trial of KeyCreator software by clicking here.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can benefit from upgrading your software from CADKEY to KeyCreator we have information and videos that can help you to understand some of the advances in the software and how you can benefit. If you are concerned about learning a new interface, we have kept the CADKEY classic interface as an option to help you through the learning curve.

Thank you for your interest in CADKEY and Kubotek KeyCreator 3D Direct CAD Software. If we can answer any questions for you please call us at 800-372-3872 or email us at
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