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Spring Cleaning [Kubotek Quarterly Newsletter]

While it doesn't quite feel it around here, Spring has Sprung. That means it's time to start thinking about the beach, vacations and getting lean. But, that can also apply to your businesses --and CAD Design-- as well.


Stories Worth Telling [Kubotek Quarterly Newsletter]

Storytime! We love a good story. In this newsletter, we're excited to share two new KeyCreator customer success stories from long-time users. We were impressed and think you will be, too.


Happy Mentors, Happy Users. Happy New Year! [Kubotek Quarterly Newsletter]

KeyCreator mentors are willing to provide their time and knowledge - for free - to other users who are new to KeyCreator or who are just having trouble figuring out how to do something with their software. Plus, new success story highlighted.


CAD Use and Reuse [Kubotek Quarterly Newsletter]

In this Q3 2015 newsletter, we point out a new eBook that speaks directly to the difficulties manufacturers have when reusing CAD. We also share information about KeyCreator's design creation power by highlighting an engineer who used KeyCreator to create a unique and beautiful structure.


Get more from KeyCreator with these tips (Kubotek Quarterly Newsletter)

The edition highlights the many quick tips and training, loads of free information and other ways KeyCreator users can learn about new new tools and enhancements.


Best CAD Tools for Data Reuse (Kubotek Quarterly Newsletter)

One of the many technology features of Kubotek Software is the ability to work with CAD data, regardless of who or what created it. There is no other CAD technology company that gives you multiple tools to put CAD data, especially non-native CAD data, to use and reuse faster and with less hassle.  In this newsletter edition, learn more about reading, editing or comparing & communicating CAD data, regardless of file format.


Top 8 Direct CAD Topics of 2014 (Kubotek Quarterly Newsletter)

A look back at the events and information that seemed to resonate with the Direct CAD community the most this year. Our gift to you: a list of the top 8 most popular Direct CAD topics of 2014.  (If we knew your size, we'd have sent a nice pair of slippers, too...)


Q3 2014 Kubotek Quarterly Newsletter - The CAD Comparison Edition

How is CAD Comparison like a family reunion?  In the CAD Comparison Family, tons of design files might be related (some might even look the same) but if you look closer, you realize there are many differences between them.  Some differences make for good times, others make you cringe - just like any family reunion might do.  This issue focuses on our cutting edge CAD Comparison Technology and how it will help you quickly uncover design differences so you can improve your design communication, product quality and increase your bottom line.


Q2 2014 Kubotek Quarterly Newsletter - The Drill Sergeant Edition

Whether you're a long-time KeyCreator veteran or a fresh Direct CAD recruit, we want you to be all you can be (highly productive). And the only way to do that is by educating yourself, including tips and training from the experts (that's us).  Read on for some free training opportunities, software tricks, as well as formal class information.


Q1 2014 Kubotek Quarterly Newsletter

Get a quarterly recap of Direct CAD news and events including a summary of webinars available on-demand and new KeyCreator Tips & Tricks.
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