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Kubotek Software Suite Gets an Upgrade (

A Collection of Viewers to Meet Any Budget, Validation to Meet Industry Standards & Let No ECO Go Unwatched


How JCF Research Associates Deftly Delivers Manufacturing Ready 3D CAD Designs

From the circus to a toy aisle near you.  Read how this KeyCreator customer uses Direct CAD to exceed his customers' expectations - and successfully create and market his own inventions.


CAD Speed Blog: Expert Interview on Reusing CAD Models

While it might not be the most exciting development in the CAD world, Scott Sweeney, VP Marketing at Kubotek says Reuse is the most important.  And it’s not because people are bad at CAD modeling. It’s often because the most popular CAD modelers make reuse of CAD models so difficult.  One size does not fit all.  Read on to learn more...



[Webinar] 8 Tips to Better CAD File Management

If you’re like most manufacturers, your employees are wasting time looking for documents. A lot of time. In fact, industry research says as much as 20% of an employee’s time can be wasted searching for files and documents.

And, that’s not all. Engineering documents face numerous challenges every day from security to revision control to audit trail compliance issues and more.

Join us for this 30-minute session highlighting quick fixes to some of the most common CAD file management issues cutting down on wasted time, wasted money and wasted stress, including:
·         Standardizing naming of files;
·         Securely vaulting files from unauthorized access;
·         Incorporating revision control systems;
·         Integrating viewing, markup and compare to extend design documents to all



[Watch Now!] The Powerful Combination of Adept PDM and KeyCreator CAD

Join us on September 8 at 11 AM EDT as we introduce our newest partner, Synergis Software, the developer of Adept PDM engineering data and document management solutions. 

During this hour-long webinar you will learn how Adept simplifies the way you find, manage, share and control engineering and business documents across your enterprise and how the Synergis Adept PDM software works seamlessly with KeyCreator Direct CAD customer base via an integrated plug-in, including: 

• Managing complex 2D and 3D CAD file relationships; 
• Finding and reusing design content; 
• Securing engineering intellectual property; and 
• Automating the engineering change and approval process. 



On Demand: KeyCreator 2016 What's New Update Training

Get a jump on learning how to use the newest tools and functions by attending this free update training, including:
•New capabilities using ghost bodies and gravity assists 
•Use of EXCEL Sheets to Drive the DDE Tree 
•Hyperlink functions with examples of all four options 
•Creating pictures in picture manager 
•New translators 
•New compatibility with Amps 7.0 
•KeyCreator Analysis Updates including Free Trials 
•Using the TraceParts site 

Trade Shows



Spring Cleaning [Kubotek Quarterly Newsletter]

While it doesn't quite feel it around here, Spring has Sprung. That means it's time to start thinking about the beach, vacations and getting lean. But, that can also apply to your businesses --and CAD Design-- as well.


Stories Worth Telling [Kubotek Quarterly Newsletter]

Storytime! We love a good story. In this newsletter, we're excited to share two new KeyCreator customer success stories from long-time users. We were impressed and think you will be, too.

Happy Mentors, Happy Users. Happy New Year! [Kubotek Quarterly Newsletter]

KeyCreator mentors are willing to provide their time and knowledge - for free - to other users who are new to KeyCreator or who are just having trouble figuring out how to do something with their software. Plus, new success story highlighted.

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