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  Kubotek partners with leading software component providers to accelerate product development and extend the capabilities of Kubotek software. These partners provide technology which is fully integrated into Kubotek software and their development teams work with Kubotek engineers as an extension of the Kubotek team.
  Spatial, a Dassault Systemes company, provides 3D software components and consulting to dozens of the top engineering application development teams worldwide. Kubotek partners with Spatial for advanced software components in 3D modeling and 3D MCAD file translation. The core 3D model database used by all Kubotek products is based on the 3D ACIS Modeler product from Spatial.
  hoops TS3D supplies the HOOPS graphics software components to many of the top engineering software companies in the world. In Kubotek products, HOOPS technology handles graphical display including optimized treatment of fonts and polygonal shells, as well as output capabilities to printers, image files (JPG, TIF) and vector files (STL, PDF).

TS3D also offers free Internet browser plug-ins which support display, manipulation, and animation of HOOPS file formats.

  Kansas City Plant At the Kansas City Plant (KCP), Honeywell FM&T develops advanced feature-based manufacturing software under contract with the US Department of Energy. A foundation component of this software suite is the GeMS++ library which provides Kubotek products database I/O and memory, event callback, and undo/redo state management.
  Open Alliance The Open Design Alliance is a non-profit membership based consortium of software vendors which funds the development of the DWGdirect component library. DWGdirect is the basis of DWG and DXF file read and write capabilities in Kubotek products.
  AMPS Technologies AMPS Technologies Company develops the Advanced Multi-Physics Simulation (AMPS) software with the mission of delivering an advanced simulation system with the most up-to-date FE technology and the best computer software engineering. In the past decade, we have developed AMPS from scratch based on the strictest software-engineering principles and the advanced modular component software design.