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  The Kubotek Solution Partner Program builds and promotes relationships with select companies that provide high-quality complementary products that offer simple integration/collaboration of significant specific benefit to Kubotek customers.
  Conceptual Product Development, Inc. (CPD) is one of the largest specialized publishers focused on the CAD/CAM training market. CPD produces the popular Doctor Walt’s series of technical books which include more than a half-dozen different titles covering the latest versions of Kubotek software. Walter Silva, President of CPD, Inc. and author of the Doctor Walt's series, is a veteran Mechanical Engineer with forty years of industry experience in plastic part design, molds and fixtures, and machinery development.
  GibbsCAM, developed by Gibbs and Associates, is market-leading CNC programming software. Operations and tool paths generated in GibbsCAM are associative to the model and can be easily updated when changes are made to the model or a new model is received. This associativity saves programming time and prevents errors due to potentially overlooked changes in the model. GibbsCAM can read solids and surface bodies directly from Kubotek CKD files and provides a CDE add-in to directly export bodies to a GibbsCAM session.
  Northwood Designs is a software developer specializing in NC toolpath utilities. The Northwood MetaCut Utilities (MCU) product provides G-code graphical preview, analysis, and editing functions. MCU is included with and tightly integrated with NC levels of KeyCreator.
  PARTsolutions LLC/CADENAS GmbH is a world leader in PLM and parts management with integrations for all major mechanical CAD programs. The PARTsolutions library product includes thousands of accurate 2D and 3D representations of machine and tooling component parts from hundreds of parts suppliers. Integration with the PARTsolutions program is built directly into KeyCreator.