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About Kubotek

The Kubotek Corporation Creation Engineering Division is the leading pioneer in 3D geometry-based engineering software. By utilizing its technology foundation in pure geometry, as opposed to model history/constraints, Kubotek delivers high value solutions and practical improvements to customer efficiency.
Kubotek heavily invests in world-class research and development teams dedicated to building new technology to address current needs in today’s engineering community. Kubotek introduced the first-ever real-time feature inference in 2005 and direct dimension-driven editing in 2007—well ahead of industry rivals. These innovations support the company’s goal to provide engineers with adaptable, flexible tools to aid creative problem-solving.
Kubotek delivers diverse software tools that are used in a multiple industries and applications. Kubotek product capabilities include:
•CAD model viewing
•CAD model rendering
•CAD model repurposing 
•CAD model repair
•CAD model interrogation/measurement
•CAD model comparison
•3D CAD design
•CAD file translation
•tool path generation
•CAD model pre-processing for FEA, CAM and 3D printing
Founded in 1979, Kubotek Corporation is a publicly traded company with annual sales of $50 million. Kubotek USA, Inc. is headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts and is the American subsidiary of the Kubotek Corporation Creation Engineering Division. Offices and authorized resellers are located throughout the world.