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Mold & Die Design

Kubotek products speed design and manufacturing of complex Molds and Dies.
Kubotek supplies CAD/CAM software, CAD Viewers and other integrated engineering software tools for mold makers and OEMs worldwide. 

Use KeyCreator Direct CAD for easy design creation or the import and edit of any CAD model, regardless of file format, to prepare designs for mold, tool and die manufacturing.  Read our customer case studies to see how KeyCreator has proven to be an invaluable tool in the mold and die industry.

The Kubotek Comparison Suite compares and validates changes to CAD files for better communication, and minimizes errors to help reduce costs and speed time to market.

Case Studies

Anderson Power Products KeyCreator Case Study
KeyCreator is central to Anderson Power Products® design process and was part of the product evolution of one of its newest products, allowing multiple iterations to occur quickly as engineers wrestled with various design issues.

Basilius uses KeyCreator throughout their production workflow
Basilius, Inc., a full-service injection mold and plastics part supplier primarily serving the automotive industry, relies on KeyCreator as their primary software tool.

Electromoules Designs Injection Molds with KeyCreator Direct CAD
Electromoules SE Inc., founded in 1975 and based in Montreal, Canada, designs and manufactures molds for the plastic injection for a variety of industries in the area. The molds the company designs are broad in scope.