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Consumer Products

Conceptual design is best done with a Direct CAD software package like KeyCreator Direct CAD.
Modeling, simulating or communicating consumer product designs is easy to do with Kubotek technology solutions.   You’ll discover ways to produce designs faster while keeping costs under control.

Case Studies

Concept2 Designs Rower with KeyCreator Direct CAD
Concept2, the world leader in rowing exercise equipment, uses KeyCreator software to design and develop its complete line of indoor rowers and oars, including the recently introduced Model E and the popular Concept2 ‘Model D’ rowing machine - voted “Most Innovative Fitness Product for 2005” by Health Magazine.

O'Brien Engineered Products
KeyCreator is the only design tool O'Brien uses on a regular basis and it allows O'Brien to create complex shapes.

Thorncreek takes full advantage of KeyCreator Direct CAD to achieve success.
Thorncreek Engineering takes advantage of KeyCreator software for the design of everything from door handles to food mixers.