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Kubotek's Directy CAD, Visualization and Data Validation products are used throughout the automotive supply chain.
Whether you are trying to optimize products, provide value-added enhancements to customer designs or maintaining an open line of communication with OEM’s, Kubotek has the technology to help you accomplish your automotive design and manufacturing goals.

Check out the customers showcased in our case studies who have used KeyCreator Direct CAD to win business and maintain customer loyalty. 

Case Studies

Aero Tec Builds Better Fuel Tank with KeyCreator Direct CAD
Aero Tec uses KeyCreator Direct CAD to make standard bladder tanks and custom designs for high-end customers such as NASCAR, Ferrari, Boeing, Lockheed, NASA, and the U.S. military.

Automotive Seat Supplier Wins Gold with KeyCreator Direct CAD
KeyCreator Direct CAD acts as Alex Products critical front-end tool to the manufacturing process. Alex Products engineers take advantage of a broad range of product capabilities – everything from model import, visualization, and verification to model repair and editing.

Basilius uses KeyCreator throughout their production workflow
Basilius, Inc., a full-service injection mold and plastics part supplier primarily serving the automotive industry, relies on KeyCreator as their primary software tool.

O'Brien Engineered Products
KeyCreator is the only design tool O'Brien uses on a regular basis and it allows O'Brien to create complex shapes.

R&W Metal Fabricating KeyCreator Case Study
R & W Metal Fabricating provides custom packaging solutions for automotive, commercial and industrial suppliers with the help of KeyCreator Direct CAD.

Techniform uses KeyCreator for more efficient engineering and design work
Techniform Inc. provides metal shaping and stretching solutions for aerospace,architectural, automotive, and industrial markets with the help of KeyCreator Direct CAD.

Thorncreek takes full advantage of KeyCreator Direct CAD to achieve success.
Thorncreek Engineering takes advantage of KeyCreator software for the design of everything from door handles to food mixers.